Thank everyone who is working hard to make the 26th September a great fund raising day for Macmillan Cancer Support; thank you for your time, donations, discounts, and varied contributions.

We have it covered.

Every penny we raise through the Coffee morning and Coffee Afternoon is going to Macmillan Cancer Support.


Thank you to the Co-op Cuffley for tea, coffee, cordials. Thank you for a selection of cakes from; Morrisons of Hoddesdon, Tesco Brookfield, Alexa Wayne, Margot Cooper, Louise Gransby

Thank you for prizes donated by; Cuffley Café, Cuffley Dental Centre, Cuffley Hair Studio, Cuffley Hills Veterinary Centre, Cuffley Village Dental Practice, Deep Blue Sea Fish and Chip Shop, Lady Valet, Maroulla Dress designs, Mumbai Brasserie, Salepick pharmacy, Sonar Bangla, White Ribbon


'Gill McGregor College' - Donating the cost of Cuffley Hall - the demonstration, the fliers and posters.


Cuffley Hall for the hall discount, thank you to Cuffley & Northaw Parish Council for the free advert/entry in the 'Newsletter Update'

Anne Gransby for admin. & coordination - anne@gillmcgregor.com

For Ticket Sales

CUT 'N' DRIED FLORIST - 6 Maynards Place, Cuffley, EN6 4JA Anne Gransby - tickets by post


Floral Design Sponsors

Cut 'N' Dried Florists - Maynards Place, Cuffley, EN6 4JA

Warmerdam Crews Hill, Enfield, EN2 9DX

Westflor Uk Ltd. Enfield EN 29EE

Bloom Room, In-Ex, EN7 5EP

Whittingtons Silk Flower & Plant Centre - Waltham Cross EN8 7HF


Thank you: Gail Samuelson - Facebook contribution & thank you to everyone who made themselves available to help.


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