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Original Website page layout

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We wanted you to have immediate access to the new Virtual World we have created and felt to do this as quickly as possible we would introduce our new website look immediately for the new Christmas Cheer and Creativity virtual experience through Zoom. Then, as quickly as possible upgrade our other pages; especially the popular flower arranging book pages.

For lovers of floral design with a fresh new look as quickly as possible and that our new Flower Arranging Demonstrations and Workshops should be the first to get this new look that makes it easier for you to  access our new Virtual Demonstrations and Virtual Workshops.

We thought it best to keep our existing page layouts for our book pages for now – they will update to the new look soon.

We will also update all our other pages to the new look, from the original videos to all the news and events.  Simply click here to visit our original page layouts and when you are visiting the original pages you will always see a link near the top to return to the our new website layout.

We are working as quickly as possible with the new look – we thought the new virtual world we are creating to view should take priority with our time.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our new Virtual Flower Arranging Demonstration and Virtual Flower Arranging Workshops.