Entertainment and Education in a Virtual World

Gill McGregor - International Floral Art Designer, Author, Demonstrator & Teacher

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Entertainment and Education in a Virtual World.

“Christmas Cheer and Creativity”

Hundreds of flower lovers were able to enjoy 'being with' their friends as they watched Gill's online, virtual, large scale Christmas Floral Art Demonstration – “Christmas Cheer and Creativity” designed and performed by Gill McGregor, NAFAS and International Floral Art Teacher and Demonstrator and Author of Floral Art Books. Filmed and edited by Festivities Productions.

'The closest to being at a club meeting in nearly a year' - ST,

'The atmosphere felt like we were in the village hall with you' - BM

"We knew that there were flower arrangers everywhere that would really love to attend a Christmas flower club meeting and our aim was to create an event where we could welcome them in, hence ZOOM, we started with first half of the Christmas Dem, then there is a refreshment break where we could chat again, then the second half of the Christmas Dem and yet more time to chat at the end." Nine designs with stories and tips, to bring to life the feeling of attending a Christmas Floral Art Demonstration ‘Christmas Cheer and Creativity’ performed on stage and an opportunity to interact with other flower lovers.

This was the first of a new series of Online Events – filmed on location and presented virtually via Zoom

Making learning fun through an explanation of the construction methods, the application of the Elements and Principals of Design and interjected with festive anecdotes.

With a glass and your favourite nibble, you could sit in the comfort of your own home and watch a 'virtual' large scale Christmas Floral Art demonstration.

Filmed to create the feeling that you are seated as part of the audience, presented on stage to recreate your Club’s Christmas Floral Art demonstration

Gill's performances also raied over £800 for her two chosen charities.

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