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Gill McGrgor

Retail and Education Matters

In the world of business you must possess a unique quality that sets you apart. It may be ‘Awards you have Won’, the ‘Contacts You Have’, ‘Your Location’, maybe just being in the right place at the right time; but ‘you’ must be able to make it happen and where education comes in!

Retail continues to change rapidly and this and the demands from business makes changes in education inevitable; just look at ‘The Times’ and ‘The Telegraph’ headlines above. Do you expand through word of mouth, advertise locally, only through Google? What do you say and, as importantly, just who do you need to say it to?

Having run successful retail shops in both the West End and outer London, location makes a big difference to the clients you have, but you can tailor the range of products you offer to suit your market and you’ll find that they are equally profitable.

You don’t even need a retail outlet these days and many professional florists are Freelance. Some offer their skills to other retails when there is greater demand; Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and adhoc. Others offer their services through Wedding Fairs and associated Magazines and Websites; while others yet run online business simply promoting themselves through Google and online services.

Continual Professional Development – or ‘Your Investment in You’

You may be the next successful entrepreneur to develop a new floral business in your area and you want to learn us much as possible, as quickly as possible, to start you on your way. All my floristry courses provide ‘Condensed Learning’ – simply add your time and ‘post course feedback’! See below

The ‘Beginner’s’ course is the best place to get the grounding you need for your next career move and this floristry course is designed to do this for you as quickly as possible. If it’s your skill level that will set you apart, then you can increase your skill level by later attendance on the Intermediate floristry course and even on to the Advanced level floristry course. All floristry courses are designed around developing your floristry skills as quickly as possible. There is no homework or exam, but your success will depend on how eager you are to learn and to practice outside of the class – and in the class you will have the feedback necessary so you understand how you are doing and where you need to focus you development. 

If you have been a florist for a number of years then the Advanced course may well be your entry point into my college rapid learning process. It doesn’t have to stop there as I offer different short courses with different targeted themes so that you can focus on specific retail opportunities that fit best with your business.

Retailers have to be ready to adapt their businesses successfully to the changing trends of the buying public and investment in the time away from a business can be costly so my courses are ‘concentrated learning’ so you get to walk away with a lot of learning that you simply make use of  by adding your time. 

What about feedback after each course? Post course feedback
Each attendee also gains access to post course feedback. You can choose 5 separate (maximum per course within 1 year of attendance) occasions where you photograph a said piece and send it for evaluation. The evaluation covers the elements and principles of design and the critique is relevant to the design level of the course you attended. This process is designed to let you really make best use of the rapid learning process you embarked on and to give you feedback as you embark on your new career, or enhance your new standing in your existing floristry career.

Where to start: What do you want the course to achieve?


Courses run in idyllic local settings which include character hotels and approved facilities in the Hertfordshire - London ⁄ Middlesex, Cheshunt, Goffs Oak and Waltham Abbey; dependent on anticipated course delegate numbers. Refreshments are provided.